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If you are not yet familiar with Bezert's journeys, "The Bezert" and "A Bezert Adventure" are picture books that detail Bezert’s epic journey to unknowingly “earn his wings.” The Bezert is lost amid strange worlds that defy common sense and his efforts to find his way flow into timeless parables about the value of finding your path while helping others along the way. Children of all ages find something to love in these timeless poetic storybooks. The PRE-RELEASE of "Bezert's Next Adventure" begins MAY 1st! The actual book release will take place May 20th and if you order now, books will be shipped to you on the 20th. Between May 1st - 20th you will have the opportunity to purchase BOTH Bezert books as a set at a really great price–$30 ($44 value). Also, the first 65 people to PRE-order the set will receive an original handcrafted Bezert-y totem sculpture as a gift of your support! If you haven't watched the trailer for "A Bezert Adventure", here it is! And finally, here is the link so you can order your very own copies!!

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