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April Production Notes

Since March was filled with set/prop building, photography AND book design/layout, April can now be filled with marketing! We are on the final stages of text editing and photo editing and next week I will be sending out for the proof. A hardcover sample book. It will be great to finally hold it in my hands. You'd think that when the creation is complete that I could take a breather for a while, but no, that is when the work really begins.

This week I am playing around with cover design and registering with the Library of Congress. They give the LCCN number and tell you where it would be placed in a library. There are many hidden steps to self-publishing.

The most important part of this month will be spreading the word! It is very exciting that the PRE-RELEASE is set for May 1st and the RELEASE will be May 20th! During the pre-release period we will be taking orders for both books and also book sets. The set is a great deal, pretty much buy one get one free. The first 65 people to pre-order will also receive a Bezert totem. They are currently in production as we speak.

I will call upon my amazing editor, Amy Hufford to help draft press releases this month. She is currently busy making sure every "t" is crossed and every "i" is dotted! She is amazingly talented and I don't know what I'd do without her.

Yesterday I launched Bezert's Patreon page! Yay! Now people who want to support my work can do so monthly via my Patreon page. They also are rewarded at different levels depending on what they are donating. It is a fun way to support and see more of your favorite art at the same time. I just added a "Making of Bezert's Next Adventure" video for my future patrons.

There is much more work ahead, but having the knowledge from doing this for my first book is priceless.

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