Love working with the kids

Let me begin by saying my son attends an amazing school. We have a very diverse community of people that are connected by their love of their children and a love of COMMUNITY. I have had several opportunities to work with these kids and give readings to these kids and each time I have had an absolute blast. Our big Bezert launch event at the library was tons of fun and the kids needed little prompting to get them to jump into action, they also read with me at a Barnes & Noble event and we did a really fun event at school during the all school book fair. Many of these kids I have known for most of their lives since they are friends and classmates of my own son. I have taken some time over the

Bookstore Carousing

Once the holidays were over I felt there might be a lull in the activities but that was not even close to the truth. I decided to take every opportunity possible to visit bookstores outside of the Greater Milwaukee area. Emailing and calling was (and is) still an endless process and it works occasionally to get The Bezert into the brick and mortar stores, but there was always a big difference when I could connect with bookstore buyers and owners directly. Bookstores are more likely to take a risk if they can meet the author first hand and talk to them directly about the book. Over the past 8 months we have taken a few vacations, weekend getaways and they always included at least one or two f

The Finished Book!

It was a warm September day when I met my publisher, Stacey, at a coffee shop to see the promo copies of the actual book! It was an amazing feeling to hold it in my hands and flip through the pages. It turned out beautifully and I was extremely pleased. The weeks ahead were filled with "setting the stage" for the launch day by emailing out PDF's of the book to friends, family and colleages to see if we could conjure as many reviews as possible on Amazon & Barnes & Noble sites. These would be posted ON the actual release day...November 10th, 2014. In order to make this interesting, I created a little event on the Rafflecopter site. With this raffle site it was possible to get points in the ra

Opening the Next Door

Once we finished editing the words, next came the pictures. Easy enough, I thought, since everything had already been illustrated, it would just be a matter of "tweaking" the visuals. So I handed all the high resolution artwork that I had over to the art director and sat back to wait for direction. The hardest part of all of this is that technology moves at such high rates of speed and the artwork that was "cutting edge" 15 years earlier when it was created was now sadly the dullest edge imaginable. I did my best to change and upgrade what could be upgraded and the art director and designer certainly did their best to adapt the art to make it work. There were only about 3 or 4 spreads that n

Starting the heart

Just one year ago at this time I was in the throes of editing my heart out on my first born Bezert and long time love. I was asked by my publisher to "take the knife first" as she put it. "Cut out at least 20 pages of this story." She said "Some of it is redundant and in many places the text reiterates the illustrations. You want to give your reader a little credit to be able to use their own imagination and not show them everything in words and pictures." So I pasted the entire manuscript on the walls of a 15 foot hallway and sat down in my wheelie chair to spend the evening rolling back and forth along the pages of the story to cut out the "unnecessary". A daunting task. I have to say, par

6 months along and going strong!

Well, it has officially been 6 months since 'The Bezert' was released. I've learned a great deal along the way and I can honestly say, so far, we have tried to follow every lead that came our way to see where it might take us. I thought I'd put together a recap of some of the fun events and moments that we've experienced along the way. It has been a blast doing what I love and I'm happy to say there is SO much more to come!

The Bezert trailer...

This is the promo trailer created with the help of amazing voice artist, Mr. Jon Smith. There will be much more to come by a matter of fact we are amidst the creation of THE BEZERT AUDIO BOOK! This will also be narrated by the one and only Jon Smith. I cannot wait to hear it...and share it! More to come...

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