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A New Bezert Chapter

A new chapter has begun in 2017. Although I wrote Bezert's Next Adventure many years ago, and we started editing it over 6 months ago, I'm considering 2017 a new chapter. 2017 is the year that I've committed to finally publishing it! And FEBRUARY is the month that I've committed to illustrating it! Well, illustrating, but experimenting with it in a way I never have before. Sculptural illustration. The first part of the process consists of making all the armatures, puppets and sets. The next part (March) will be creating the backgrounds/sets and photographing what will become the illustrations for the book & e-book. I've had a blast playing with different types of processes and it seems I always come back to the same thing – paper maché, clay and a sprinkle of collage. It just works.

For me, the entire process of creating a book is entirely organic with some loose necessary planning. I need to be able to take new turns and make new decisions on the fly, which can be an exercise in trusting my instincts. Below are a few of the photos I've taken while creating a character–The Lady with the Long Arms. At this point all of the characters are in different states of completion. I'm having a blast bringing them to life!

I'll keep you posted as things develop. Follow along on Instagram to see videos and more of the process.

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