NEW Totum Fauna

It is about time for an update! There is a new page on THE BEZERT website that is titled 'Totum Fauna'. TOTUM FAUNA is an archaic name for all of nature's animal life.The creations on this page are "Nature Totems". They are nature creatures in metamorphosis, like us. They speak in different ways and as you look them in the eyes you will see what I mean. What do they say to you? I wanted to let you know that they are now available at many shops and sales around the city. This weekend is the annual MIAD Holiday Sale. This Sale is a great combination of student and alumni work with a wide variety of pricing. The sale runs Thursday 12/1; 6-9pm ($20), Friday 12/2; 5-9pm and Saturday 12/3; 12-5 (F

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