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The Bezert Garage & Garden

1825 N 48th Street, MKE

Saturday, October 22nd 11:11a-4:44p


Saturday, October 22nd from 11:11a-4:44p we will be opening The Bezert Garage for the second annual "Enchanted Wild." A collaboration of six wild women filled with unique creative explorations. 

Renee Bebeau

Melissa Muller Designs

Jamie Lee Ohland

Betty Loves Freddie

Frank & Bella

The Bezert

From Moon Vessels & Jars to Vintage Tin Jewlery,

Magickal art to Medicinal oils,

Astrology Readings to Artisanal Teas,

And Tarot Readings to Totum Fauna 

Hope you can join us for this unique experience!

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