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Love working with the kids

Let me begin by saying my son attends an amazing school. We have a very diverse community of people that are connected by their love of their children and a love of COMMUNITY. I have had several opportunities to work with these kids and give readings to these kids and each time I have had an absolute blast. Our big Bezert launch event at the library was tons of fun and the kids needed little prompting to get them to jump into action, they also read with me at a Barnes & Noble event and we did a really fun event at school during the all school book fair. Many of these kids I have known for most of their lives since they are friends and classmates of my own son.

I have taken some time over the years to read in classrooms as well. This process has filled my heart everytime in the most unexpected ways. Sometimes although it seems I am losing their attention half way through the story or they look like they are about to fall asleep and my reading is not dramatic enough, they come back in the end with the most intersting and thought provoking questions. Clearly proving that they were not only listening, but taking the story on as their own and spinning it back to me in their own imaginative way. Other times at the end of a reading they come rushing up with giant cards they made for me, or drawings they created of Bezert or other characters. I am never sure what to expect, but guaranteed my heart will be opened and I will be surprised in some special way.

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