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Trust in Yourself!

So the theme of THE BEZERT book and probably this blog as well, seems to be embodied in this illustration. I chose to willingly enter a sometimes scary, sometimes comforting world of unknowns to help discover the skills I need to hone. And there are many. This realization began as soon as I had my first glimpse of the publishing contract. Publishing–a world I knew absolutely nothing about. I was not a complete stranger to contracts, rights, negotiation etc. since I had done my share of that while working in the freelance editorial world, but there was still a significant learning curve involved. As sometimes ignorance can be your best friend, I dove in knowing only two things: 1) that I reeeeeally wanted to ease my heart by FINALLY officially publishing this book after 18 years of having it tucked in the back of my mind, AND 2) There would be no turning back once I set my stubborn mind on this course. I can honestly say more than one year later that I have succeded in giving it my all and I have learned a tremendous amount already by never looking back and always following every lead presented to me. My intuition has been my guide and I have deliberately chosen to not let fear stand in my way. Many, many of my evenings (after regular work) have been filled with more work. But it does not feel like work because my heart is invested and my intentions are pure. I love promoting creativity and in order to feel healthy I need to live in a world where I can be fueled by my own creative efforts. Even if many working evenings are not filled with painting & writing, but rather are filled with endless calls & emails to bookstores, contract negotiations and brainstorming on the best or most creative marketing approaches...I still love it and I LOVE having a goal that can be achived through positivity, persistence, creativity and a passion for the work I want to see in the world!

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