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Medistration 5 Card set

Medistration 5 Card set

Medistration Images on greeting cards with verse inside.
  • Details

    4x6 cards with brown craft colored envelopes

    You must trust your feelings, two are never the same
    Without any feeling, tears would only be rain

    The right amount of work, mixed with some play
    Keeps us unlazily balanced each day

    The strong voice, like the trust, sounded straight from her gut
    And in her gut was the door she had no strength to shut

    Change is one constant which is so hard to take
    We all have safe places we’d much rather make

    Through his inquisitive thoughts he had taken the road
    Which was winding him higher while his wings could unfold

    If you live in the past you won’t be believed
    If you live in the future you may be deceived

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